About Us

Greetings from sunny, windy, frigid, rainy, snowy, scorching, yet beautiful Spokane, Washington! And a big welcome to the WoW (that means World of Wirths), where we feature our Labors of Love (LoL?).

We are your typical modern-day family, and we are passionate about art, creativity, natural living, parenting, and having a good time. Jeff works as a counselor and Emily (that's me) is an administrator at a private college. We own an old home that gives us many things to do, and are parents to a sweet baby named Everett, a comedic corgi named Willow, and a crazy cat who answers to the names of Kittybean, Tina, Cat, Luna, and Pieceof____. We also parent a number of pumpkin vines, bonsai trees, sunflowers, and herbs.

You can follow our adventures:
  1. Via email - simply enter your email address in at the right.
  2. Searching for us on Instagram: @ebblestone. Note: if your profile picture looks creepy and you have a private account, I will probably block you; if you follow 30K people and have 1 follower, I will probably block you; if you appear sketchy in any way, I will probably block you.
  3. We have a Twitter account, but Twitter is crazy. Happy tweeting!

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