Monday, September 17, 2012

Vicious Cycles


This week Jeff had many adventures. First he got electrocuted, which almost set the house on fire. But then he also got the go-fer-it to move into his new office. This means he can start seeing clients! Since our budget is currently being governed by medical bills and baby prep, the idea of purchasing all new furniture for his office was extremely overwhelming. As luck would have it, my mom just so happened to be getting rid of her couch at this very moment in time! It is comfortable, durable, and high in quality. Also, my dad's recent retirement meant we could borrow a couple of his old waiting room chairs.

A couple problems: the couch looks like it belongs in an old lady's home (no offense mom, it looks great in your living room), and the chairs are clearly from the 1970s with that oh-so-comfortable burlap fabric. Now since I had never seen the office before, I had no idea what the ambiance was going to be like. I assumed white walls, gray carpeting, fluorescent lights, all the basics you would expect to find for an office located in a building erected in the early 1990s. This furniture will be fine until we can make a trip to Ikea...right?

With the help of  our friends, we spent MUCH effort getting the furniture from Point A to Point B. When I walked through the front door of the office, I was taken aback. The first thing you see is the company logo, which is a classy, modern design that immediately makes one feel like they are in a safe space. The lobby furniture was black leather, and the walls were painted one of my favorite colors, a neutral gray-blue. "Wow!" was all I could say.

Oh dear...well, some of the floral print in the couch is the same color as the walls. We can still make this work. We will obviously need to reupholster the chairs, which will be a fun project anyway. Then, we made our way back to Jeff's counseling space. Just when I thought our furniture couldn't get any more embarrassing, I saw the very modern accent wall in the hip color of burnt orange.

"We need new furniture!" Anyone walking through the doors of Jeff's office would be so put out by the pukey color combinations, they would never come back! Is there anyone blind enough to feel comfortable bearing her/his soul in this gross office? This should give you an idea of what we're looking at right now:

Looks good right? "Tell me how that makes you feel."
Yeah so it turns out country chic doesn't go with modern sleek.

Health -> Hunger -> Heartburn

I had every intention in the world to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. Before I got knocked up, I was eating mostly vegetarian and vegan meals, and did a pretty good job limiting my sugar and junk food intake. Nowadays, my life has been dominated by heartburn. When I get my 10am hunger pains in the midst of a heartburn attack, I just can't seem to stomach eating nuts, carrots, and apples. The only thing that sounds good is a pastry. 

For the most part, my heartburn is manageable during the day. I can get by eating a sandwich and healthy snacks (with an occasional trip to Starbucks for pumpkin bread). However, by 4pm I start feeling the day's food intake start to rise in my chest. By dinnertime I'm starving, but the idea of eating anything quickly turns my hunger into a grimace. How am I supposed to choke down pasta when I know I will be fighting to keep it down for the next 10 hours? So my solution: eat ice cream and drink hot chocolate.

Here's a diagram of the internal organs for those of you who are visually inclined. Jeff did not fully understand the pregnancy heartburn plague until he saw this comparison of the digestive tract in our Lamaze class.

Why do these selfish babies steal all our nutrients, then keep us from eating by shoving their asses in our digestive tracts? AND while doing the one physical activity I can do well pregnant (yoga), I am trying not to lose it all over the mat. It's really not fair.

Sleep: Will It Ever Happen Again?

I have been waking up at 1am with severe heartburn for the last few weeks. And I am able to fall back to sleep at 5am when I'm finally exhausted enough to sleep through it. My alarm goes off shortly in the future. I would gladly use this time to get up and do something productive, but I feel so terrible the only thing I can do is lie in bed in uncomfortable positions that cause my hips to cramp. On the rare occasion, I roll out of bed, waddle around the house, then end up lying back down.

Since I have been struggling with eating in the evenings, I decided to try a new angle last night. Rather than starving myself, hoping I would sleep through the night without heartburn, I experimented by eating a huge meal from the Mexican restaurant by our house. Turns out this was a mistake. Not only did my heartburn get even worse, but I woke up with swollen hands and feet from the...whatever it is...they put in the food, and I was somehow ridiculously hungry at 2am. So I guess fried and greasy foods are definitely out (I had a similar experience after consuming those disgusting, greasy curly fries at the fair last weekend...and they are not as good as the long line would have you believe).

This week it is my intent to shove my face during the day, then eat a light dinner (and maybe have a cup of cocoa) in the evening. We'll see how this goes.

Things that do sort of help the HB situation: Papaya Enzymes. GNC was having a 2-for-1 deal on them. At first I thought two bottles was a little overkill, but now I'm glad I have the extra supply. I've been popping those suckers like candy (as the saying goes...but in my case "ice cream" is more fitting).

Productivity  =  Pain

These days I get little bursts of energy at the most unusual times. What started out as a relaxing Saturday turned into the following scenario.

I should bake a pie - while the pie is baking I should hand wash the throw pillows - might as well wash the throw blankets too - while taking a load of laundry downstairs I see those books should be reorganized: nonfiction on this shelf, fiction on this one, sci-fi on these three shelves (we have a lot of books in this genre) - on to organizing my craft supplies - I should reorganize some kitchen cabinets now - time to eat pie! - brief pause on the couch - shoot I need to dust and vacuum again - the dust on the front door has been bugging me so I'll wash the front door - the baseboards look pretty dirty too - time to windex everything! - make appointments for the week (poor Willow now has a grooming appointment) - look at all those dishes I need to do now - stare at the sunflowers in the garden - mop the floors - sanitize the kitchen - bring a few more things downstairs for storage - start another load of laundry - finish that craft project I started the other day - Jeff's home!

Jeff: "What did you do today?"
Me: "Ummm..."

It sounds productive, but I was so distracted by all the activity I did not realize how much I accomplished until it was over. I would literally walk into the laundry room with a basket of dirty towels, then ask myself "What was I doing again?" Eight hours later I was on the couch watching The Vampire Diaries and watching Jeff eat a colossal slice of pie. I guess I broke my Only Three Chores a Day Rule.

The next day I was in bad shape. I had troubles moving around, standing, and bending over. Even putting on my shoes was excruciating. And it wasn't just my back that was aching, it was my everything. It's funny to think of my abilities from the same time last year. I could accomplish all the above tasks, then go for a 10 mile run without any problems. However, would I have even cared about doing half these chores last year? Probably not. Oh the incredible nesting instincts! These days I am definitely limited in my physical abilities, BUT the house sure looked fantastic, and the pie tasted amazing.

Pie made with fresh peaches from Greenbluff. Yes I cut all those leaves by hand.

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