Monday, September 23, 2013

House Update

So remember that house? The perfect house? We took some time this weekend to do a little more research on it. One cannot be too careful when making this investment! I checked the neighborhood council meeting agendas, read on future building projects and renovations in the area, and did another drive-by to see how it looks on a dewy fall morning. It's still a charmer!

I also spoke with the Godfather of the neighborhood...

See this guy?

That's my brother. We grew up in the neighborhood in which we are house hunting. Back in the 1980s, he was the ringleader of the neighborhood boy posse. 

So I asked him for the dirt on the house. Because the Godfather knows all. His response?


"Oh yeah, I remember that one. It's haunted."


 I will not share the ghost's background story, as it is his tale to tell. My mom says the Godfather is bullshitting me. But I told her, "Mom, that's really disrespectful. The ghost has feelings too. How would you feel if people denied your existence?"

So...what do we think? Deal breaker? Anyone know an exorcist? 

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