Monday, March 17, 2014

The Daily Tornado - 15 Months

It's hard to believe this little guy is 15 months old. He is becoming more independent every day, and plays well on his own, but he still prefers to be close to adults for the occasional snuggle.

Everett's favorite activity is singing with me. When he is not singing with Mom, he is climbing into the bathtub, playing with the toilet, turning the stereo on and off, attempting to stick keys in electrical outlets, hiding things/throwing things away, and knocking all his books off the bookshelf.

Here is a brief snapshot of Everett's life in a typical 2 minute period:
  • Steal glass off the dining room table, shatter glass all over floor;
  • Run to the bathroom and grab curling iron;
  • Mess with curling iron knobs;
  • Decide curling iron needs to be thrown through the cat door;
  • Run to kitchen with curling iron chord trailing behind, narrowly missing the pile of glass Dad is cleaning up; 
  • Dump pesky appliance into the cat's room;
  • Terrorize cat for a few moments;
  • Return to bathroom, grab Mom's blush brush, smear blush all over bathroom door;
  • Reach up to bathroom counter and steal Mom's cell phone;
  • Hide cell phone in Dad's laundry basket;
  • Go to Mom and ask for a hug.
Meanwhile, I am (unsuccessfully) trying to apply makeup and prevent my child's death.

Needless to say, there is currently a lot of activity in our lives. We are exhausted at the end of every day, but he certainly provides comic relief.

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