Monday, June 9, 2014

Sod Rolling Party 2014! {and other various happenings}

This weekend was cray-cray! And yet for the first time in months, I sat down during Everett's nap yesterday and had spare time to read. Usually nap time means chore time in our household, so this was a special treat.

My favorite part of the weekend was getting to witness baby Blaine's baptism. How awesome is it that he got baptized on Pentecost?

And I certainly can't be mad about the progress happening in our basement.

Floors are in progress, tub is assembled and waiting to be installed, walls are painted, lights are ordered. Bam!

And now I know why people have a million kids. It is because when they are older, they do manual labor for their elders. This weekend my siblings and I got together to roll sod and put in a fire pit for my mom.

The grandchildren loved playing in the new grass.

Here's a Before picture from an earlier post...

A huge improvement! As per usual, Baby Ceci slept like her angelic self for most of the day...

 And Everett got to partake in his favorite activity: playing with the hose.

His least favorite activity? Well, on Saturday it was running in a race. The Bloomsday Road Runners Club puts on a race called The Festival of Miles every year. They have races for all ages, BBQ for families, free throw competitions, and door prizes. So fun right?! Yes, at least for everyone but Everett. The nugget was whining the whole time while the kid to his left was getting psyched up by his dad. The pep talk must have worked because that kid definitely won.

And then there's my kid. At least he didn't come in last.

He still got a medal for his minimal efforts...

Then he decided he was fine for about 5 minutes until a meltdown told us it was time to go. Next year, WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS THING!

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