Friday, February 20, 2015

Iceland: The Perlan (The Pearl)

One of my favorite places to visit in Reykjavik is called the Pearl. The city's hot water (which is naturally warmed by the earth's geothermal activity) is stored in giant tanks on top of a hill near downtown. To make these storage tanks prettier they put a giant glass dome on top and called it a work of art.

Inside, one can find art displays, a posh rotating restaurant, a cafeteria, and a gift shop. However, my favorite feature is the 360 degree view on the observation deck.

There are trails which lead up to the building. The trees and solitude here provide a nice change of scenery.

Check out this exact same picture I took in the fall of 2011. It was fun to see the city in different seasons.

The basement of the Pearl has a geyser.

Much of the artwork we have seen in Iceland has a common feature: it is closely connected to natural elements. I think this comes from living in such a naturally dynamic place. 

This was a clever little fountain tucked away in a corner.

Next time we visit we will bring Everett. He would have loved watching the planes take off and land. These are domestic flights that go to smaller cities on the island or to Greenland. 


  1. Awesome photos! I hope to travel there soon, myself!

  2. Awesome photos! I hope to travel there soon, myself!


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