Friday, March 17, 2017

Ebble's Favorite Things {Spring}

It's been a while since I have shared all my favorite life things.

BUT you have to know that these Things are truly special to have made the cut. It takes a lot to get me excited about products these days. Between working full time, worrying about the baby at daycare, keeping the house up to snuff, traveling, etc., I have little patience for tediousness. If a book isn't good in the first 10 pages, it gets shelved; if something is cheap but doesn't fit quite right, I won't buy it. So here you have it: ALL the things that are Emily-approved for Spring of 2017.

1. Happy Hannas: Jeff got me a pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas for my birthday this year. I have worn them almost every night since January 1st...and washed them...a handful of times. The kids have been wearing Hannas their whole lives, so it's about time I treated myself. The organic cotton is soooo soft. Comfort is key when it comes to pajamas, and these made coming home from Hawaii a little easier. Hygge Yo' Self and get these jammies! Because, you know, winter is still here.

2. The Year of Living Danishly: Speaking of hygge, don't forget to read this book. It gives great insight into life in another country, and has some pretty good suggestions for how we can do things over here in the U.S.of A.with healthcare, work-life balance, being good people, and so forth. I've read many books in the last year, and this one stood out to me most.

3. Herd Supply Co.: My dear, sweet friend Leah started her own biz making soaps and accessories from her family's herd of sheep. She's totally legit, and even sells her products at her local Whole Foods. I think this is the coolest thing. Ever. You guys, the Cherry Almond soap is everything. Like, orgasm in the nose. I also use the dryer balls she made, and I am super intrigued by the yarn that was spun from her sheep herd - I mean, does it get any cooler than that? Use the discount code STELLA for 10% off your purchase of 2 items or more. Not sure how long her discount code is good, so get it fast.

4. Blue Lizard Baby Sunscreen: Spring is almost here! I've done a lot of research on the sunscreen topic, and this was the winner. Leave it to the Australians and their nonexistent ozone layer to make a product that blocks out the sun efficiently. Thanks to my Irish heritage (Happy St. Patrick's Day!) I have incredibly sensitive skin. Some lotions, oils, and gels (including Neosporin) make me break out into hives, so I have to be careful about what I put on my skin. I am also very passionate about not giving my kids cancer, and they have both developed rashes from cheap products. This sunscreen is fantastic and has not given us any issues in the 1+ year we have been using it. The bottle states the product is not waterproof, but we have not had issues with this, even after visiting the beaches and splashing in pools in Hawaii. If that fact causes you anxiety, then it is still perfect for outdoor play, and Honest has a good waterproof option for kids. However, make sure you always carry the bottle with you because it turns pink when exposed to harmful UV rays, and this has been helpful!
5. Microfiber Cleaning Rags: And because spring is almost here, that means it is time for Spring Cleaning! I have a lot of enthusiasm about these rags, so much that I ended up cleaning the whole house the first day I had them. The package I got in store at Target is a little different, but that green one (dark blue in my package)...Incredible. I cleaned the kitchen in about 5 minutes with it. It picks up everything and holds it, where a normal cloth or sponge just moves the crumbs and dirt around. After the baby has a messy meal, I bust out one of these bad boys and we are clean in seconds. BUY THEM. You're welcome.

6. Lululemon Tanks: If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I'm doing an at-home fitness program. With all the sweating + hot yoga I've been doing lately I need a lightweight workout shirt that flatters my mom body and makes me feel good about myself. The top I got myself as a push present after Alice is similar to the one I have linked, but mine has a little more coverage (see pic). I love how light this fabric is, and the loose fit hides my mom belly. I also exercise in a cheapo Target tank I got after having Alice, but I only take that one out of the drawer when I am washing the lulu top. My suggestion is to visit a store and shop for what feels right. Save your dollars because lulu is expen$ive, but I've found that it is also the best for workout gear. But who knows, I might slowly be converting to a fun, new company I discovered...more on that later (unless I decide to keep it as my own secret...mwuahahaha!).

There you have it! All the products I love right now. Check back later for more, and let me know if there is something I should try.

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