Friday, July 20, 2012


After our 16 week appointment, Jeff and I made our way back south to the Oregon Coast. We had a fun-filled weekend planned with friends from Seattle, and I could not wait to eat some maple bars from the Cannon Beach Bakery.

There was one activity we had planned that made me quake with fear: a 10.2 mile hike our friends wanted to take. Having felt terrible for the last 16 weeks, I went into the activity thinking, "If I get tired I'll just turn around." The journey got off to a rough start. We crossed a foot bridge over a small river at about a half mile in, which for some reason gave me intense vertigo for the next 30 minutes. I found myself climbing up tree roots and muddy rocks while combating severe dizziness. I thought I was going to lose it on the trail for sure. Eventually, the trail met up with the highway before it would begin a full-on mountain summit. Hitchhiking back to the car seemed like the most logical plan.

Instead of wimping out and immediately catching a ride back, I made the executive decision to sit down on the side of the road. The group was standing there watching me, wondering what the heck I was doing and whether or not I would pass out. Here's a fact: when your body starts producing massive amounts of progesterone in early pregnancy, fatigue pops its little head in for a visit - combine that with an expanding uterus pressing on your lungs, restricting your breath - and there you have a recipe for disaster. Sometimes I feel like I've run a marathon after doing something as simple as taking the laundry downstairs. Now back to the scene where I was heaving on the shoulder of a highway.

Friend: "So...are you ready to go?"
Me: "Can you just give me five more minutes?"
Jeff: "Emily, you don't have to go on. I'll walk back to the car with you."
Friend [aside]: "Maybe we should just give her our keys. She can walk back to the car then drive home and take a nap."

My pride and determination got the better of me. I stood up and we continued our journey upwards. The group was incredibly understanding. We took rest breaks frequently, and Jeff made sure to stay behind and accompany me when our friends were moving at a faster pace ahead of us. Eventually, we all made it to the summit (I must have blacked out because I have no idea how I got there). I fell down on a rock and didn't/couldn't move for a good 30 minutes. Here is a picture of the spectacular view care of Mark:

Please observe that I am sitting on the ground...because I couldn't move. <3 the Oregon Coast!

I enjoyed the hike, and was glad I completed a task I thought would be impossible. However, I couldn't help but feel like a huge burden. My once perfectly capable body was holding back the group, and no one (except the loving Jeff) wanted to walk behind me because I was moving so slowly. On the way down our friends actually ran back to the car, an activity I would have happily participated in under normal circumstances. It made me feel sad, and a little abandoned, but I was not going to get too emotional about it. Rather than cry about my misfortunes like a psycho pregnant lady (I do this frequently), Jeff and I took advantage of our time together and enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds of the coast in the dense forests of Oregon.

In conclusion, I ate four (4) maple bars that weekend.


How do I feel?
Still incredibly tired. I am still waiting for that "second trimester energy spurt" I keep hearing about.

Weight gain?
~13 lbs

Food cravings?
Maple bars this week! Basically anything that can be classified as comfort food (this has been the case for some weeks now). Cheese, pancakes, lemonade, lemon water, lemon sorbet, berries

Food aversions?
My friends put garlic, onions, and jalapenos in our food, and I was able to eat them!!! I even had an apple after hiking and didn't want to spit it out. Second trimester are you officially here?

Still extremely tired, and I'm still having those strange dreams. I have been plagued with growing pains this week, and find that my back hurts when I wake up in the morning. Sleeping surrounded by soft pillows seems to help.


We think it's a boy, but there's a 10% chance our doctor was wrong. We will know for sure at our 20 week ultrasound.

What have I learned?
The body is an amazing thing. It can grow a baby and climb a mountain at the same time. Don't get down on yourself when you are feeling terrible - the extra emotions are certainly not worth it.


  1. Love the blog emily!! So cute - and SO my style. I love hearing someone sharing the experience! - Krystal

  2. You know I would have walked down to the car with you. Everyone would have had to carry me UP the bluff in the first place, but we don't need to talk about that part.


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