Thursday, June 13, 2013

6 Months and Time Is Flyin'

We have lots of 6-month-old tricks!

Everett can sit up for a few seconds on his own. 

He's learning to balance better in the standing position. 

So we made him stand in the cold Pacific Ocean.
We took him on his first trip to the Oregon Coast last week, and he had the opportunity to dip his feet in the ocean for the second time in his short life. He was not impressed. However, I think he had a good time despite the frigid waters.

His bottom two teeth are ready to pop, but there has only been one bad night so far (Tylenol fixed that little situation). He is tolerating tummy time better...

It's easy to be entertained when you have a doggie tail to pull.

...and rolls both directions like it ain't no thang. 

His favorite toy is my iPad. 

It's my favorite toy too.

 He "says" Dada, Hi, Yeah, and most recently Moo. I hope the latter will eventually turn into Ma.

And we started solids.

He's pretty proud of himself for all his accomplishments. 

He weighs 14 lbs 8 oz, which is exactly double his birth weight! Praise the Lord! Pediatricians say this is the goal at 6 months, and we made it. He is a tall one, about the same height as his 10-month-old friend.

On Monday he starts swim lessons, and I vacillate between being excited and nervous about this. However, in his brief time on earth, he's been near many bodies of water. I'd rather be safe than sorry. More to come!

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