Friday, May 30, 2014

A Weekend of Friends and Family

Our Memorial Day weekend was one for the books! We spent the extra time off work road tripping to Oregon to visit with friends and family.

Look at my sweet nugget picking flowers with Grandma.

It should be pretty obvious from the picture above, but Jeff's mom is a master gardener. Check out this sweet succulent planter she made and hung on the side of her house:

She is also a collector of Glassybaby votive holders. 

And she's an all-around fantastic woman. Everett loved seeing his grandparents. One of the highlights for him was when a dump truck came to deliver gravel for Grandma's incredible garden creations. He wouldn't nap because he could hear the truck outside. So we had to go out and watch it - such a boy!

After getting Everett settled in Portland and snuggled in Grandma's lap, Jeff and I traveled down to Eugene...sans Bebe.

We spent 2 nights with a group of our best friends from college. I get a little depressed after spending time with these individuals because they were what made my college experience so memorable, and it's hard only being able to see them a couple times a year. There are 12 of us when we all get together, and each brings his/her own personality to the table. And we all get each other. An outsider looking in on our group will wonder what the heck we are talking about, and they will also wonder how they can become part of our circle. I know that if I ever asked, any and all of these individuals would drop everything to be there for me. I am one lucky girl, and I wish everyone could have just one friend like the eleven I have. Just try to imagine life with 11 kindred spirits!

Also, because I know you have all been dying to meet him, here is my GBF in the flesh. Isn't he so handsome and stylish and skinny? Yup, he's a pretty big deal and I know him.

As for an update on our house remodel, walls are all textured, we chose our paint colors, and we bought some stuff at Ikea last weekend. Things are happening!

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