Friday, May 9, 2014

Sheetrock N' Roll

Here's what went down this week...Insulation...

...And sheetrock.

The crew doing our sheetrock has been great. They are super nice, respectful, and 100% aware of how messy they are. This means they take messiness precautions and use our restroom before they start working, they clear a dust path to our laundry room every night, and they moved a basket of clean laundry from our laundry room to a dust-free room so they would not get powder all over the clean linens (so nice!).

Most importantly, they are obsessed with Willow. Any friend of Willow is a friend of mine, obviously.

I now need to make the decision for what color to paint  the downstairs. To cut back on cost and the number of times the paint sprayer will be filled with paint - and to get this freaking project done - we will need to paint four rooms the same color. This means the color needs to fit the mood of all major areas of the basement {minus the bathroom}, and needs to match our bedding. {I put my foot down and said we are painting the bathroom a spa color, so this will be the only room that is different.}

Right now I am leaning toward Revere Pewter. My thought process is that the neutral "greige" color will go well in all four rooms (bedroom, living room, laundry room, mud room/hallway), is not too light or dark, and is a warm enough gray color that the basement will not feel like a dungeon, yet we will still have the gray walls that are so fetch right now.

Our bedding is the Pottery Barn powder blue toile duvet set. We have had it for almost seven years, but I am still in love with the print, so I feel skeptical about changing it at the moment. Revere Pewter goes well with powder blue colors, and even if we do change our bedding, we will probably stick to something in the same color family.

Another color that might work is Thunder. It's a little darker, but still has that mushroom/greige feel.

Thoughts? Better ideas? Should I demand more colors for the rooms? I just had a thought: same color bathroom and laundry room? This has been the hardest decision so far!

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  1. We used Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl...very similar, love it!


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