Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Parade! {Cannon Beach, OR}

We are back from vacation, and have a lot of fun memories to share. I was ready to post about 50 pictures from our last 2 weeks of adventures, then thought better of it, so will share little snippets of memories over the next few days.

We spent our 4th of July in Cannon Beach, OR. Everett saw his first fireworks and attended his first parade that day. He loved both!

I love small town celebrations, and we were glad Everett was in a good mood so he could appreciate all the sights and sounds. 

I've been reading a lot of murder mystery novels lately, and it seems like the big crimes in these stories always happen during a small town parade (for a familiar example, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). However, I am happy to report that as far as I know, there were no homicides in Cannon Beach that day.

 The weather at the coast was perfect!

OBSESSED with the lady blowing bubbles at her lemonade stand.

My favorite beach house mug...obvi.

After the parade, we went for a hike, played in the sand, (had a bath), made a beach fire, then bundled up to watch Grandpa light some fireworks.

That was our 4th of July in a nutshell. It was a good one. Be prepared for more awesome/annoying pictures from our many vacation adventures!

Also, we will be leaving for another vacation this Saturday. Betcha can't wait to see those pics either?

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