Monday, November 17, 2014

I Painted...

Well, I'm still working on my quilt, but I crossed another big to-do off my list this weekend. The upstairs bathroom has been painted! Bye-bye green, hello Aloof Gray!

As much as I loved the happy green color, it was time for a change. The paint was chipping off in many places, and I could not find the right paint can for touch ups. Also, as much as I loved the happy green color, I was over it.

I made a few other changes while I was at it. You notice in the "Before" picture that our old shower curtain rod was rounded. This was great for when we were showering, as it really opened up the space and made the small shower feel more roomy. However, it was a bit invasive when we were out of the shower, and no one likes to showcase a dirty bathtub by having the curtain open during the day. Furthermore, mildew would grow on anything we had tucked inside the tub, so we could only use a fabric shower curtain liner (which only comes in 2 colors - white and beige). To fix these frustrating issues, I bought a generic but higher quality (so it is not always falling on my head) tension rod at Target. I was then able to pull our old Pottery Barn shower curtain from storage!

Of course, I had to fill a few holes the old rod left behind, so used this stuff before applying the new paint color.

It was incredibly easy to use, and comes with it's own (plastic) spackling knife! An additional bonus was the fast drying time.

So how did I choose the color? We did a ton of research and narrowed our options down to Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and BM Harbor Gray. I had color samples painted on our walls for about 4 months and changed my mind almost daily. Then last Monday on my way home from work, I noticed Sherwin Williams was having their biannual 40% off sale. Since the sale ended 2 hours later, I opted for the SW discount...and a color I hadn't tested yet. I randomly picked Aloof Gray and had them mix it at 75%. And I am in LOVE.

You can see my color samples below for comparison. 

Gray Owl is on the left, Harbor Gray is on the right, and Aloof Gray is painted below.

For months I thought I was going to go with Harbor Gray, but as soon as the season turned I decided it was a little too purple for my taste. Gray Owl was a safe choice, but I wanted something a little less bright, so it turned out Aloof Gray was a perfect compromise! It's a little warmer than Gray Owl, but still shades in the blue realm of gray.

Some other features of the bathroom include a picture I took on one of our trips to the San Juan Islands:

A watercolor we purchased from a sweet coffee shop on that same vacation:

And a lovely jewelry holder purchased from my friend at JeLeFais:

I also have a basket on the back of the toilet that holds baby wipes, extra toilet paper, and Clorox wipes (for when Everett misses). The cloth diaper wet bag and sprayer are on the other side of the toilet, so they are more discreet when we have guests.

We keep the door to this room closed most of the time. Can you guess why?

He really is too much!

But here's the official "After".

And one with the lights on...for all possible effects.

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