Monday, November 3, 2014


Another weekend come and gone. As much as I hate Daylight Saving, I really needed that extra hour this weekend to recover from all the wine I drank on Halloween. We spent some time cleaning up the yard (I really wish we had a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer), the top of my quilt is finally finished(!), and I finally got this print in a frame.

Jeff and I are obsessed with original art. So when we visited Nashville this summer and stopped by Hatch Show Print, we could not resist getting a little souvenir. All their prints are made from a traditional letterpress, and because of this each one is 100% unique. I highly recommend visiting the shop if you are ever in Nashville!

I cut the mat myself (while watching Gilmore Girls) using a box cutter and mat board, then found a cheap frame at Hobby Lobby. Some day we may pay to custom frame this bad boy, but that day will not come until all toddlers in the house have grown.

Other than doing a million projects around the house (quilting, finishing up the basement, fall cleaning), we have been kicking around fallen leaves, jumping in puddles, and snuggling on the couch.

Someone got a haircut. I miss the wild hair, but now it's not always in his eyes.

There are a couple fun things to share about this next photo.

Firstly, those shelves under the window will soon be put up in the basement. However, they are still upstairs because both Everett and Willow like to stand on them to look out the window.

Secondly, I have a funny potty training story to tell. E isn't wearing pants in this picture because they are rather cumbersome when potty training. Last night, I gave him an M&M as a potty reward. Since we don't do a lot of candy in the house, he didn't understand what it meant. I handed him the candy, then he promptly stood up and threw it in the pee-filled bucket! He was laughing hysterically! I guess that's one way to reward him! Thus far him flushing the toilet has been his reward, but I thought I'd try the candy thing now that we have some in stock from Halloween.

He calls the computer a idea why.

 I just love the smell of fallen leaves after a rainstorm!

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