Friday, January 23, 2015

Ebble's Favorite Things: Juicing Edition

I'm on a juicing kick, and I just can't quit! Someone should hire me to make commercials, because obviously my slogans are legit.

One of my BFFs recently moved to the other end of the world (Philly), and this means I no longer have a coffee buddy at work. It also means I no longer spend money on mochas and doughnuts every day of my life. Instead, I am allocating those funds to produce! This all came about when a complete stranger pointed out my acne problems, and thereafter informed me that juicing would solve all my skin woes. Yes, you read that right. Those were the words spoken to me in my own paraphrased terms. In this person's defense, I have been toying with the idea of getting a juicer for months, so I took the suggestion at face value and bought one anyway.

I have ginger girl skin, and nothing can change that, so I am here to tell you that having a daily Juice (I am capitalizing it since the liquid produced is the purest, highest form of liquid goodliness and foodliness) has done very little to clear redhead far...That being said, I can tell you the following fun facts:
  • It is an easy way to ingest fruits and vegetables - It is the general recommendation for adults to consume 9 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I am lucky if I can get in 2, so throwing fruits and veggies in a juicer or blender are an easy way to get our daily intake. Everett refuses to eat spinach, but he does not notice its presence in a smoothie or juice drink.
  • We waste less produce - I love buying produce in bulk. It just makes sense. For the most part, I am able to use it all up by making baby food puree or adding leftovers to another recipe. However, sometimes I am unable to use an entire bag. Throw it in the juicer and you have yourself an empty refrigerator!
  • Everett has an easier time taking a just hit me - No doubt, this stuff travels through the digestive system at a rapid rate.
  • We are drinking less coffee and eating fewer snacks - The Juice tastes amazing right out of the machine, and there is no need to add sugar. Since we are powered by natural sugars, as well as vitamins and minerals, we no longer feel that need for afternoon caffeine. Nothing can ever replace my morning cup of coffee. It truly is the best part of waking up.
  • Our compost bin has never been happier.

So here is what we have to get started.

1. Breville Juice Fountain Plus: I went to the store and got the cheapest juicer they had available. It happened to be this one, and I am not at all disappointed by it. There is no pulp, the motor is powerful, and there are 2 speeds depending on how tough the fruit/veggie is you are putting down the chute. I put whole apples in this guy and it says, "Bloop, here you go."
2. Compost Bin: Juicing creates a lot of pulp, which will make an awesome compost over time. If you have an outdoor compost bin, it is helpful to have a canister in the kitchen to collect food and paper scraps from in the house. Once we fill this guy up, we take it out to the big bin. We bought this one because the ceramic is easy to clean. Ours has been going strong for 3 years now, so we are proof of its durability.
3. I admit it, these boots have nothing to do with juicing. But I LOVE them! They are perfect for slipping on your feet to take the kitchen compost to the outdoor bin, or for taking the garbage out, or for walking to the store in the rain/snow, or for cleaning out the hypothetical chicken coop. They are cute, and they are durable, not to mention incredibly comfortable. Warning: heed the sizing recommendations posted online. I prefer these over standard rain boots because they insulate the foot a little better. Regular rain boots = cold Ebble feet.
4. Juicing Recipe Books: It's important to have recipes for your new juicer. The manual to the Breville includes a few recipes, but my favorite book is Juice Alive, by a N.D. in Portland. The recipes contain information on how to address physical ailments, and they go beyond the standard concoctions you will find in a juicing manual.

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