Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween this year was one to remember. I wish I could go back and experience the day again, and I would not change a thing. Not even the windy and stormy weather.

Jeff had to work in the morning, but he managed to find the last pumpkin available on the South Hill before heading out for a couple hours. We carved our pumpkin, lit candles, played catch, roasted pumpkin seeds, took a nap, and watched Curious George. When Jeff got home we ate pizza, then snatched a ton of candy. We decided to go trick-or-treating with Everett's cousins this year. It was helpful for him to go with other kids, especially ones he knows well. They were incredibly patient and helped him at every house.

Dropped the spoon inside the pumpkin and is pretty disgusted by the texture.

I finished Everett's costume a few days before Halloween, which gave him plenty of time to get used to the idea of wearing it. The last two years he wanted nothing to do with costumes. Now that he has some autonomy, I let him decide what he wanted to be, he watched me sew the costume, and we tried it on once a day "to make sure it still fits."

Everett was adamant about being a lion. Since I needed a pattern stat (no time for shipping), and since Joann's was having a sale on patterns (only $1.99 per pattern!), I had to get a little creative with what they had in stock. I settled on Simplicity 1351 and made a couple adjustments.

Using the raccoon template, the body of the costume was pretty much the same, but obviously I did not need to put a mask on the hood, as this was where the mane would be going. I also skipped the tail part, as lions do not have raccoon tails. The mane was created with strips of felt, looped then sewed down. I wanted to use a fleece fabric for this part, but could not find the shade of orange I wanted. Se la vie.

At the end I felt kind of lazy. I am pretty sure I skipped all the hardest parts of the pattern (face applique, tail), but this was what he wanted, and you have to give the people what they want. E was incredibly cozy on the cold, autumn day. AND I spent less than $20 for the whole ensemble. Thanks Joann's! 

Speaking of Halloween and cold weather, what's the point dressing little girls in princess costumes? They either end up freezing, or they have to wear a jacket over their gown! I guess having a warm Halloween is one benefit of living in the southern half of the country.

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