Saturday, October 25, 2014

Costume Party

I've never been a big Halloween person. I usually forget about it, procrastinate costume planning when I remember, then end up with no costume. However, now that we have a little one, we have costume parties to attend. And now it might be my new favorite holiday.

Since I hate spending too much money on costumes (last year's shark costume was bought from the Pottery Barn Kids clearance sale on November 1st, the month before Everett was born), I collected a few things we already had around the house for this year's Halloween. The white hat he's wearing is actually the newborn hat they gave him at the hospital. So when I discovered this - paired with the yellow shirt and orange pants we already owned - made the perfect candy corn costume, I went with it!

The candy corn costume is for lounging around at parties. The real costume is his favorite object: The Remote.

 To make this, I simply painted a box with black craft paint and added the construction paper buttons. So easy!

And I didn't spend a dime! 

I can't wait to take him out trick-or-treating!

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