Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Everett...

We have brought you into a scary, scary world. Wars rage, threats abound, and innocent people lose their lives every day. Children starve, mothers weep, fathers abandon their children. We see others turn their backs on those who love them, and some who withhold love out of selfishness.

Dearest, sweetest Baby, there will be times you'll be afraid to leave the house. You may think there are monsters outside your window. You may be right. These things we witness will form you into the man you will someday be, but I hope and pray that, despite all of this, you will be a stronger person.

Although I do not know who you will become, I will love you unconditionally, no matter what. Know that I brought you into this world - amidst the evil and chaos - to be a beacon of truth and innocence. I want you to believe, and live out the belief that you are

A good man.
A wise man.
A man who respects others.
A man who is passionate about what is right.
A man who loves with all his heart. 

There is so much good in this world. Seek those who are good, become good, and share your goodness with others.

These things I pray, and pray, and pray.

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  1. Amen. ...and tears. I want to hold these little ones in a safe bubble forever, but then again maybe they'll be the ones to change the world for the better.


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