Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Months - Milestones

This was a month of many firsts for our household. For me, the biggest milestone was finishing Bloomsday. I haven't seriously run in over a year - what with being pregnant, a new mother, and all that comes along. I haven't been feeling well these last few weeks (more on that later), and the morning of the race turned out to be hotter than I expected. However, the experience was incredible, and I am continuously in awe of the human body and what it can accomplish with the right mindset.

And Everett finished his first Bloomsday! Jeff's mom and our family friend K came to Spokane and walked the race with E and his fancy stroller. They are pretty hardcore walkers (not the ones with the trekking poles...yet), and had to navigate around the 40,000 people in front of them. To top it off, that day was incredibly hot, so Everett wasn't on his best behavior. They ended up carrying him for much of the way. Poor souls.

Check it out. We even got matching t-shirts!

Milestone #2: for the first time in like 3 years, I ate a hot dog.

Look at me, I'm 5 months!

At 5 months old, Everett knows his actions influence the world around him. If he sees something, he can move it; if he moves it, he can feel its texture with his hands and mouth. His curiosity deepens each day, and he is constantly learning how to interact via his hands and mouth.

He is now exclusively sleeping in his crib (the first night putting him in there almost tore my heart out), and he no longer needs to be swaddled to fall asleep. On April 14th, he rolled from his stomach to his back for the first time. On May 9th, he rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time. 

He holds his head up by himself, and sits up and stands with assistance. He loves singing, reading books, hanging out in the baby carrier, and playing with toys. His favorite toys are his feet. He loves Jeff and his cousins, and smiles a lot when he sees them. 

Also, he's adorable...

And we love him.

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