Tuesday, January 7, 2014

13 Months of Love

Our little guy is 13 months old!

Photo by Uncle John.
Here is Baby Everett in a nutshell:
  • He has 8 teeth.
  • Is somewhere in the 10th percentile for weight, 30th for height.
  • Loves bananas, oatmeal, and carrots.
  • Loves to read books. Goodnight Moon  and Little Quack Counts are his current favorites.
  • Is walking, but still does a lot of crawling.
  • Takes 2 naps a day and still loves to cuddle with his swaddle blankets while sleeping.
  • Likes playing with the cat, flushing the toilet, pulling diapers out of the diaper pail, and turning lights on and off.
  • Can point when you ask where things are, follows directions, and attempts to repeat words and phrases with some amount of accuracy. 
  • Loves playing with other kids, especially his friend Jack.
  • Takes breaks from playing to receive the occasional hug from Mom/Dad/Babysitter. 
  • Likes seeing pictures of machinery (ie tractors) in books, and likes playing with wheeled toys.
  • He is generally happy, and maybe a little busy...

This kid is hardly a baby any more! He is becoming more independent by the day. At his 12-month checkup the doctor asked if Everett was responding to the phrase "No."

"By 'responding' do you mean continuing to do what he is doing while looking at me over his shoulder with a wicked grin?"

He is exploring, learning the boundaries of the world, and pushing those boundaries where he sees fit. It is so much fun having this little being around, it is challenging at the end of each day, but it is oh-so rewarding when he looks at you with adoring eyes and coos, "Hi MummMumm!"

Red cheeks and red ear - Little Man fell asleep in my arms.

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