Friday, January 31, 2014

Ebble's Favorite Things: Cold Weather Edition

1. Don't let winter weather get you down! Cozy up with a good book and enjoy your time inside. I've been reading quite a bit these last few weeks. Robert Galbraith's book The Cuckoo's Calling was an excellent read! FYI: this book is actually by J.K. Rowling...nice try, but you can't hide your genius from us diehard fans. Rowling sure does know how to grab the reader's attention, and she did not disappoint in this novel. Great character development, fascinating storyline, and she even leaves room for future adventures.
2. Cold temperatures mean dry skin. Costco sells a 2-pack of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. This is my favorite lotion to use on my ultra-dry skin, and you can even add a few drops of essential oils to give it a great smell. I recommend lavender.
3. If I'm feeling a little chilled, I like to warm up in the bathtub reading a good book and listening to relaxing music. I found this Debussy album at Borders - back in the day when Borders was a thing - and it is still one of my favorites on cold, dreary days. Light a candle for even more relaxation.
4. Fleece-lined leggings. Whether you are taking a walk on a cold day, heading for the ski slopes, or lounging on the couch reading a good book, fleece-lined leggings are a wonderful way to cozy up your winter wardrobe. I have these Athleta leggings and wear them to work, on runs, and to bed...then sometimes I wear them again the next day...They are warm, and they are my favorite pants right now.
5. There is nothing like the perfect cozy blanket. Jeff surprised me on my birthday a few years ago by giving me a "cuddle kit." It came with a Pottery Barn faux fur throw he found on sale (pictured above but no longer available), cuddle coupons I could use any time I wanted to cuddle, and scented candles. The blanket (and cuddles) are still a big hit in our house, and I highly recommend finding a special blanket for cold weather coziness.
6. To keep baby's skin moisturized in the winter, we use a natural body oil from the Honest Company. I love this stuff because it is perfect for adults too. Give your loved one a foot or shoulder rub with this stuff, then cozy on the couch with a glass of wine or...
7. Hot chocolate! Warning: this recipe makes a TON. Share with your friends.

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