Friday, October 3, 2014


Thursdays are the best. This is because Thursdays are my telecommuting days. I wake up early, do some work from home, maybe make some pancakes, drink lots of coffee, go for a walk/run with E, do more work, catch up on housework, etc. However, the best part about Thursdays is how I get time to work on crafts and recipes I found around the interwebs.

This week? I gave a facelift to our mailbox! And all it took was a carefully selected can of spray paint.

Our mailbox has needed some TLC for a while. I thought about buying a new one, as the one we have is not really the most practical option for a mail receptacle - my main complaint being that they aren't waterproof. That being said, when I saw this DIY pin (see below) a few weeks back, I knew this was my best and cheapest option. Cheap = FREE since we had a $5 rewards credit from Ace.

My original pinspiration.



Everett was napping, so he could not be featured in the "After" photos.

I pushed the mailbox back under shelter for a few hours so it would not get wet in case of rain.

So there you have it! And this is me officially pinning a project I previously pinned. I'm doing this to encourage myself not to pin random things I will never do/make.

Everett loves Thursdays because he gets to sit around in his PJs (like Mom) all morning. He also gets to do little crafts and curriculums during the day when I am home. This makes me feel connected to his growth and learning, and really helps alleviate the Mommy Guilt that comes with being a working mom.

And he gets to "work" on his computer while I am (actually) working on mine. "His" computer is Jeff's old laptop from college that is no longer operational. He thinks he's pretty cool when he clicks on the keys though.

And one more photo to share. This kid is super fussy when the sun is shining in his eyes. What a DIVA.

And of course, true to form, I did not get around to posting this until Friday. I was too busy loving my Thursday. That means I can wish you a happy weekend! TGIF!

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