Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tractors and Tulips

I have been to a few tulip festivals in my day, but the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival outside of Woodburn, Oregon, is by far my favorite. It is $5.00/adult for entry, and once you have entered the property there are dozens of wonderful FREE attractions for the whole family. The vendors in the booths sold beautiful, affordable handmade crafts, and we came home with a few extra things. And the view of Mount Hood in the distance on a clear day...it cannot be beat.

Everett's favorite part was riding the cart to/from the tulip fields. We had to ride it extra times to satiate his obsession.

 There may have been tantrums over some of the activities...

 He liked the flowers far more than I expected he would.

The unique tractors were definitely a draw.

Things that are normal:

We took off around nap time (which he skipped BTW and the results were not pretty/he is lucky to be alive), and I cannot wait to visit again.

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