Friday, April 3, 2015

Goodness Friday {Portland}

 There are some definite perks to working for Catholics. Like having Good Friday off! Since Jeff takes every Friday off to spend the day with Everett, our little family gets some quality time together. Now a normal Christian would post about upcoming Easter preparations, but I work for a church and get burned out on Easter every year around the beginning of March. I know...wahwaaaah. So I am taking my day off to post about last weekend's trip to Portland.

Everett began his visit with Nana and Pop by puking. The good news is that it all landed in a bowl. The next morning he was feeling better and we took him out to the airport to look at some airplanes.

He was in complete awe, and the flight instructors were incredibly cool. They let him touch the planes, and even offered to let him sit in a cockpit! I politely declined, as knowing my son, we would have never been able to get him out.

Nana and Pop live across the street from a horse pasture. Everett wouldn't stop talking about seeing them, so we took him out to say hello. The horses galloped right up to us, which was thrilling and terrifying for him.

They are very friendly horses.

A trip to visit his grandparents wouldn't be complete without Everett "helping" in the garden.

Here's the beautiful Master Gardener herself!

Our visit ended with a trip to the tulip festival. Those pictures will come at a later date because ---> this girl <--- is ready to dye some Easter eggs! Here's a teaser though:

I hope your Good Friday is filled with goodness.

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