Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Staycation 2015

It's my favorite week of the year: Emily's Annual Staycation Week. It has been a tradition of mine to take the week after Mother's Day off to get my life back in order after the crazy spring months at work. I have been keeping myself busy deep cleaning, gardening, and running errands all over town.

Everett was originally supposed to go to our nanny share to give me some extra time for chores, but the other family has a pinkeye/shingles/flu/cold situation happening right now. Since I'm over being sick, I decided to keep the little guy with me at home. And I am so happy to have him here. He has been an absolute joy to have around.

Yesterday, we spent the morning baking a rhubarb pie using fresh rhubarb from the garden. This was an awesome activity for a toddler, and a great way for him to experience firsthand how things go from the ground to his belly.

My pies are never very pretty, but it's the taste that matters.

After the oven was free, I made a delicious chuck roast with root vegetables for the family (this was during nap time - I did not let him handle raw meat). I love family-friendly "set it and forget it" recipes for days I'm at home. While it was cooking, I was able to do some spring cleaning and gardening. And the best part of all? My picky toddler ate every bite of food on his plate, then asked for more salad. The stars must be in alignment.

By the way, the Le Creuset Dutch Oven was one of my better life purchases. They are worth every penny.

Today is a rainy day here in Spokane, so no yard work for me. However, we are going to put on some rain boots and venture into the world anyway. The little guy has been asking for Grandpa for days.

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