Friday, June 26, 2015

Mr. Sandman

This summer has started out great. We just finished our first week of tadpole swim lessons, my veggie garden is doing better than I expected, gay marriage was legalized, and we even squeezed in a trip to the Oregon Coast.

Everett does not care much for politics at this juncture in life, but I can tell you he is a huge fan of water activities. Therefore, it was no surprise to me that he loved visiting the beach as much as he did. The weekend we were in Cannon Beach was the same weekend as the annual sandcastle contest. This event, combined with perfect weather, meant the town was the busiest I have ever seen. There were more people on the sidewalks than there were at last year's Forth of July parade. However, we stay at a house pretty far out of town, which means the beaches are always more secluded, and my crowd anxiety was not triggered by the masses.

At one point we attempted to visit some shops downtown. We looked for parking for 40 minutes before giving up and returning to the house. But not before I made Jeff park illegally so I could grab us all ice cream.

For the most part, we simply savored our time away from everything. I took a 4 hour Benadryl-induced nap, absorbed some vitamin D, Everett learned how to climb out of the pack n play, Jeff got a new kite (someone took our old one from the beach house a few years ago), and we just had an all around glorious time. We did not want to leave!

I love how Willow is always following him around to make sure he is safe.

She really is super  protective of him. One time she started barking like crazy when I kid got rambunctious near him at a splash pad. I've never heard such a vicious sound come out of her. I am glad we had her on a leash.

Low tide at Haystack Rock!

He pointed out the starfish to everyone he saw.

Beach fires are one of my favorite things.

This is me trying to explain: Why we can't put a metal object in the fire, then wave it around in the air. Hooray for life lessons!

Feeling a little better about it, but still tired from a long day of playing/splashing/running around. He did get to try his first s'more though, which he LOVED.

Summer Solstice Sunset.

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