Monday, June 1, 2015


Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Walla Walla with my mother- and sister-in-law. We drank all the wine, ate all the food, and soaked up all the sun. You can see a few of my pictures on Instagram. Given all components of the weekend's equation (wine, food, sun), it was obviously an incredible time. And I got to spend some time sans husband and child. 

Over the weekend the more populated vineyards seemed to be the ones south of town. It was definitely the most scenic, but we also enjoyed exploring the tasting rooms west of town. L'Ecole No 41 and Woodward Canyon were unique and beautiful venues, and they were quiet enough for us to enjoy a quick snack outside (read: sober up). My favorite is still Garrison Creek (south side of town), so be sure to schedule an appointment if you are going to be tasting in Walla Walla!

L'Ecole No 41

Beautiful field of mustard outside Amavi Cellars

Tasting at Basel Cellars

I have been getting a lot of compliments on my new clutch. Jeff's friend from home has an Etsy shop and she makes the cutest stuff. She works professionally with textiles, so she knows what the heck she is doing. This clutch was made out of real Pendleton wool - like, that she bought from the company. A few people have actually mistaken my bag for Pendleton, so that's a testament to the quality of her design. Anyway, I am going to buy another because I love it so much. 

Back to Walla Walla...

Everyone who knows me knows that brunch is my favorite pastime. We visited the two local hot spots for brunch: Bacon & Eggs and Maple Counter. Bacon & Eggs was theee best brunch I have ever had. The brioche french toast...mouth watering. And the vegetarian eggs benedict with pesto...bomb.

Driving through the Palouse during spring is breathtaking. Soon all the hills and farmland will be brown and dry. However, I caught the tail end of the Pacific Northwest's rainy season, so everything was still lush and the wildflowers were in bloom. Viewing this scenery was a great way to end a fantastic weekend.

When I pulled into the driveway, Jeff and Everett (pantless) came running out of house to greet me. It was so sweet that I started to cry. I wondered how I ever survived an entire weekend without them.

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