Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekenders {Farm Chicks}

This weekend I got to do one of my favorite activities: Farm Chicks! This event only happens once a year and is a pretty big deal in Spokane. It is a weekend where makers and collectors get together in bizarre-like fashion to sell their wares to the masses.

The event starts Saturday morning at 9am, and we were there to bang down the doors. It was stressful. There were people everywhere, and I had to skip over most of the booths simply because it was not physically possible to get into them. However, I still managed to score some hella cute yard art from BU2ful Farmhouse Charm. My mom also found a vintage bee smoker, and she has already upcycled it, turning it into a flower pot. So cute!

We had Everett with us in an umbrella stroller, so that went as well as you can expect, considering the crowds. I actually do not know if he was complaining or crying, because I likely would not have been able to hear him over the noise. We took off after a couple hours and rewarded his extremely good, patient behavior with some Starbucks hot chocolate.

It was a good thing I had him with me because it kept me from buying too much. However, after church the next day, my mom and I decided to go back. The crowds were thinner and we did not have a child with us, so I ended up spending way more money than I had the previous day. Although the crowds were much less anxiety-producing on Sunday, some of the booths were pretty picked over by then. For example, I was going to get more yard art from BU2ful, but she was sold out of what I was eying the previous day. Despite this, I still managed to score 2 vintage Disney records for Everett, a headband from Sweet Ties Hair Ties, an awesome night light I cannot even begin to describe (it would take a whole blog post) from JunkGirls, and a poster print from Wood and Wool Home Goods (my favorite shop!).

My favorite part was getting to talk to the makers directly. They were all so cool, and so excited to talk about their goods. On Saturday they were all a little overwhelmed, but on Sunday I had really great conversations with people. Next year when I ask Everett if he wants to go to Farm Chicks, I am pretty sure he will say NO. However, I cannot wait to visit again, as each year is completely different from the year before.

The most unique thing I saw? An old nuclear test missile had been "upcycled" and made into a light fixture. What would the world do without creative people?

In the end, this weekend was insanely epic. I saw Neutral Milk Hotel live on Friday night, visited Farm Chicks twice, did some large-scale family shopping at Old Navy, the weather was sizzling hot, and Jeff got chased by an angry, half naked man in an empty parking garage. It doesn't get much better than that.

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