Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"W" is for Wirth...and Whale

After receiving a ton of loot at the incredible baby shower my family threw for me, it became clear we should probably get the nursery together.  Drum roll please...a small preview!

I apologize for the terrible lighting. This room gets a lot of natural sunlight, but daylight savings + rainy weather does not equal ideal picture-taking conditions.

Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, stuffed whale handcrafted by my best friend, crib from a garage sale updated with Valspar Gray Silt paint, curtains from World Market, dresser/changing table from Shopko, diapers from kellyscloset.com (we have Grovia, Rumparooz, and bumGenius for testing...I think I already know which ones I like best), whale quilt pictured on chair handcrafted by my other best friend, chair from my old 8th grade teacher (random and awkward, also not ideal), star lantern from a random kiosk in the mall, framed pictures handcrafted by yours truly. 

So why the whale? It all started out with this guy:

I took a Japanese class in high school, and was inspired by the character Totoro. Soon after we started dating, I made Jeff watch the movie with me, and since then our lives have been changed for the better. Then, we found this guy at a grocery store and purchased it immediately:

You can see the resemblance to Totoro, mostly in the mouth area. This whale has traveled the world with us. You can find him displayed proudly on our dashboard during a road trip, or lounging about in our living room. You might even catch him in France.

Inside whale jokes continued when we found this on the beach. I would like to say it lived a long and happy life after this.

Last year, Jeff bought me the Dogeared whale necklace for my birthday. I wear it every day, and it happens to symbolize both the strength of family bonds, as well as the phrase "It's a Boy!" He got this for me before we knew I was pregnant.

By now I think you get the point that whales have been an important symbol of our long, happy, quirky relationship. You can only imagine our joy when we discovered there is a whale themed nursery in existence. And to be honest, we probably would have made the baby's room whale themed even without the help of Pottery Barn.

So there you have it! Also, don't be mad...we ate whale while we were in Iceland.

Also, I'm officially huge.

37 weeks


  1. You look great!! It's almost game time lady!! I'm doing cloth diapers too - UNITE! :)

    1. Too close for comfort! Do you know what kind of diapers you'll be using yet?


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