Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7 Month Tricks

Everett is 7 months old!

Photo c/o Uncle John

Here are a few of his tricks:

  • He got baptized.
  • He can grab his bottle and tip it back to feed himself.
  • He is now eating 1-2 solid meals a day. He will eat most things we give him with the exception of oatmeal.
  • He is sleeping about 10 hours a night.
  • He can get from Point A to Point B through a series of crawling, worming, rocking, and rolling motions.
  • His first tooth is starting to emerge from his lower gums.
  • He is sitting completely unassisted.
  • He has started waving.
  • He is mimicking our sounds more clearly.
  • He knows what he wants and is vocal when he doesn't have it (now accepting parenting advice from parents who don't have assholes for children).
  • He can float on his back when in the pool.
  • His favorite toy is Willow, and he laughs whenever he sees her waddling around the house.
  • His favorite song is the ABC's.
  • He is an international traveler.

Our little baby is turning into a young man...sort of.

Photo c/o Virginia Whalen.

You'll notice I barely took any pictures myself for his 7-month milestone. This is because we have been traveling with Uncle John, and Nanny Virginia sees him a couple days a week, and they are clearly the superior photographers. Unfortunately, this also means I'll have to steal some more pics to show you the amazing wedding we attended in Mexico.

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