Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Green Is a Good Thing

Probably the most frequently asked question we get is whether or not we are still using cloth diapers. The answer is YES!

A while back I posted about our cloth diaper stash, and gave a brief summary of each brand. After 7 months, we have a pretty good routine, and maybe even some new opinions.

Here is our stash, which gets us through 3 days of diapers (we use disposables at night):

  • 2 bumGenius 4.0 diapers with velcro closures. One came free with an order from Kelly's Closet.
  • 1 bumGenius 4.0 diaper with snap closure.
  • 2 Rumparooz diapers with snap closure.
  • 1 Rumparooz diaper with velco closure.
  • 2 Fuzzibunz one-size diapers with snap closures. One came free with an order from Kelly's Closet, and the other was a gift from a friend.
  • 1 Kawaii one-size diaper. This came free with an order from Kelly's Closet.
  • 5 Grovia hybrid shells, 4 organic cotton inserts, 4 regular cotton inserts. 
  • 3 small wet bags for the diaper bag. This includes 2 Planet Wise bags and 1 Blueberry brand (this one being so new that we cannot determine a favorite yet).
  • 1 bumGenius diaper sprayer. This is ESSENTIAL.
  • 1 large wet bag or diaper pail liner for storing soiled diapers.
  • Original Tide powder detergent.

Our conclusion over the last 7 months of cloth diapering is this: don't waste your time on any diapers other than bumGenius. I also put Fuzzibunz on top of the list, but if you have large hands, or if Daddy is stuffing diapers, you may find yourself getting frustrated with the slim opening. However, these brands are our two favorites of all the diapers we own.

We are also fans of the hook and loop closure (better known as Velcro). You should not have any issues with this type of diaper as long as you do not forget to fasten the closures before they are washed.

We really would be happy with a full stash of any of the diapers listed above, but when you compare them side by side, it is impossible not to have favorites. If I had the choice of designing a diaper, it would be the bumGenius design, with the Rumparooz double gusset and shell patterns (they really are the cutest diapers on the market!), the trimness of Fuzzibunz, and the price of Grovia or Kawaii. I must admit, the one thing keeping me from favoring Rumparooz over the others (aside from its cost) is this right here:

See that giant strip of fabric hanging out? Yeah, once baby pees, moisture travels up the diaper and wets anything exposed to this fabric - such as a onesie or Mom's hand. This is especially problematic with a heavy wetter like we have, and with a baby who likes to sleep on his tummy (remember when he hated being on his tummy?).

BumGenius has recognized this problem and extended the waterproof fabric of the cover into the inside of the diaper:

I don't know why a brand as expensive as Rumparooz hasn't thought of this yet. I sent them a message, but they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Oh well. 

Also, Rumparooz diapers are incredibly low-rise. If he continues to grow in length at his current rate, Everett will probably be too tall for this diaper long before he is potty trained. That being said, I will continue to buy their products because some of their prints look like Burberry. And that, my friends, officially makes me a consumer.

We have also "stripped" our diapers twice. I tell you, there is nothing better than the smell of freshly stripped diapers. If your diapers are starting to smell a bit like ammonia when they get wet, it might be time to strip them. Here's how we did this:

  • Wash diapers on normal hot/cold load with detergent.
  • Start another hot/cold (this last time I used a warm/cold) wash with no detergent using 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap and 1/8 cup of bleach.
  • Run rinse cycles until there are no longer bubbles in the wash. this was about 4 rinse cycles for us. 
  • Hang to dry and enjoy the fresh smell in your home!
Bottom line is we have saved hundreds of dollars so far. By the way, we have NOT seen a rise in our water bill from prior years, just to address one more argument I've heard people use against cloth diapering.

And that's our cloth diapering experience in a nutshell! We will keep you posted.

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