Monday, April 7, 2014

Demo Mode

I thought I'd post a quick update on our "little" construction project. A lot has happened in 2 weeks!

First, and probably most important, we got permits for our work and passed an inspection!

All fixtures and cabinets have been ordered, with one exception. We have a designer looking for doorknobs that will match the ones we have upstairs - preferably ones that cost less than $150 each...Other than that, everything is on its way to the Wirth house! We were even informed that our bathtub is making its way across the ocean on a ship.

The first week was mostly a demo week. All existing walls, cabinetry, and carpets were torn out, then the new floor plan was marked on the concrete with chalk. This gave us a feel for the space outside of the blueprints, and even created a few minor upgrades to our plans. For example, the builders realized we could move the sump pump and shave a few inches in the mechanical room without violating code. We also opted to decrease the size of the bedroom (it really was excessive how big it was before) to create more space in the CLOSET (also excessive, but "storage").

So here's a nice little visual for the changes made after 2 weeks of work:

And another angle. At least we can still use our washer/dryer during the madness.

At the end of week one, a concrete cutter came to make room for our new underground plumbing. Monday of week two had everyone digging holes for piping and a sump pump, and the rest of the week was spent getting the plumbing put in.

I feel bad for making Jeff paint the basement when I was crazy pregnant, because now look at it:

But I am probably most excited about the new bathroom. Our current bathtub/shower shares a wall with Everett's crib, so I wake him up every morning when I shower. I dread getting out of bed because I do not want to wake him up, and the anxiety is just too much. So I lay in bed and look at Facebook.

Also, who am I kidding? I don't shower every day. However, it will be an improvement in our daily lives to have our own space to take a shower in the morning, without a bucket of bath toys falling on our heads. And let's be honest, having one bathroom sucks.

The electrician comes this week, and we are full steam ahead!

Until next time!

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