Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lots O' Progress

This master suite project is happening. The giant holes in our basement floor have been filled, the concrete has been sealed, and framing is scheduled to be finished today.

I'm pretty pleased with how much light these future rooms get, despite the fact that they are north facing.

Please take a moment to appreciate the huge changes to the plumbing!

The electricians came last week. They robbed me of my Pollyanna attitude. I walked into the house after a long day and I can't begin to describe how much of a mess they made, but let me try:
  • There was dust all over the floor, furniture, and even DOG. 
  • Attic insulation was everywhere, and let me just announce that it is the house's original insulation, meaning it is loaded with asbestos. Willow was licking up a few particles when I walked in the door. 
  • There was plaster on all surfaces of the house, including INSIDE of our bed and on the dining room table. 
  • Black hand prints were all over the walls. 
  • Holes appeared in our walls. This was to be expected, and not too surprising.
  • The floor was peppered with screws and wires.
  • We had no lights in the kitchen or dining room, some of the wires are still cut in a few of our bedroom outlets, and only one of our basement lights is currently in commission (making the photos in this post a little more challenging). 
  • To sum it all up, it was a terrible ending to my day, and a nightmare to anyone with a busy toddler. We had to leave the house. 
  • Then I cried. 
  • Then I drank wine. 
  • Then I bought myself a pair of shoes.

Note the finger prints on the white trim.

Anyway, you get the point. In addition to new wiring, new plumbing was installed. I've been told it will be more efficient. The gas line was re-routed to accommodate the layout of the new mechanical room. This caused the pilot light to burn out, which we did not realize until I was in the shower the following day.

Finally, the electrician also accidentally cut our phone line, which doesn't serve much use for a telephone, but does provide us with an internet connection.

In conclusion, it's been a rough week. However, seeing all the progress over the last few days has almost made it worth the turmoil.

The bathroom is ready to go! Almost.

Here is a view of the bathroom from inside the future storage closet. Plumbing for the toilet is on the left, and the walk-in shower will be on the right. We won't have this view much longer.

Once framing is complete, the electricians will come again to wire the downstairs, finish their work upstairs - including the addition of an outdoor light - and get an official inspection for their work. This should end their portion of the project (good riddance, and please never come back).

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