Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Foundation

I wanted to share a few more shots of our basement progress before all the technical stuff gets covered up. The painting, finishing work, and decorating is the fun part, but the stuff that is going on right now is what will make our little space functional.

The electricians have a couple more odd jobs to complete. Other than that wiring is finished!

They even did a few extra things for us (like adding an outside porch light) after we complained about the fact that they ruined our lives a couple weeks ago. You see folks, sometimes being high maintenance pays off.

Framing is done.

Plumbing is SO close to being done.

I even came home from work yesterday to find a new ventilation system for the bathroom installed on the outside of our house. It's amazing how all the little bits of projects add up!

And someone did this upstairs while I was snapping these quick photos. He reads all his books one by one, then throws them on the ground when he's done.

I walked through the space last night and imagined myself flipping on all the light switches, brushing my teeth at the double vanity, and stuffing diapers in the fully finished laundry room. In the 12+ months we have been toying with the idea of doing this project I have certainly had my doubts, but after walking through the space I truly feel we made the right choice. Our neighbors are thrilled that we are staying as well, so that certainly makes us feel loved.

Sheetrock should start by the end of the week, so I need to decide on paint colors pronto! Any color suggestions are welcome!

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