Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Visiting the Grandparents

You guys, life is so dull. The daily grind brings you down, Thomas the Train is on repeat, mom's always trying to clean, and there's frozen pizza for dinner every night. Life. Is. Rough. Except when you are with your grandparents! Lemme tell you, Everett had the time of his life last weekend visiting Nana and Pop.

I have to admit, I was a little worried about the transition back to normal life. After the high of last weekend, Jeff and I are pretty boring people. I mean, why can't he always have French Toast for three meals a day?! Despite the absolute letdown of being home, he's managed to adjust to being back in his own special way:

Eating markers and drawing all over himself. Perfect.

One of Everett's favorite activities over the weekend was chilling with Nana's chickens. His favorite one was Gabby, which he proudly announced to everyone. She really was the friendliest though, so you can't fault him for good taste.

And what trip to the grandparents' house would be complete without riding in multiple motorized vehicles? He got a tractor ride, a boat ride, and even took his first tube ride (not motorized).

G'ma got to display her mad skiing skillz.

And the Captain. 

Overall, we were all pretty spoiled. We ate too much, got free babysitting for a day so I could buy too much at Lush (not sorry), and had an absolute blast.

This just in: the saga continues. His other grandma just took him to visit Uncle John. It's official. We are theee most boring parents in the world. 

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