Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Months - Regression

The last couple weeks in the Wirth household have been rough. Teething turned into a cold, which became a virus, which became the croup, which lead to an all body rash and double ear infection, which became a diaper rash and upset stomach. Everett is currently on an antibiotic that is giving him those last two symptoms, and we are all at our wit's end with this period of illness. He only wants to be in my arms, and if I put him down or leave his sight, he starts screaming. 

All this was manageable, because we knew he would eventually go down for the night and sleep until morning. However, the last two nights, Everett has been having difficulties with this. The house will be quiet and peaceful, then suddenly there is loud screaming coming from his room. It sounds like a baby horror movie. Jeff will try to calm him down, but he only wants Mom. If I pick him up, I can hear his stomach gurgling. Okay, maybe he's hungry. But he doesn't really eat. Once he's calmed down, I will try putting him back in the crib (so I can go the EFF back to sleep) and he'll start screaming all over again. Last night, I finally got him to go back to sleep, but I had to hold him in my arms. I tiptoed to our couch, got comfy after Willow snuggled up with us, and starting falling asleep...then the cat started meowing at the front door. As opening the squeaky door and letting in a blast of cold air would certainly wake the baby, and since Willow was on my legs, I had to listen to her meowing and pawing until 6:00am when Jeff let her in. In conclusion, I am currently operating on about 2 hours of sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of sleep regression during baby sickness and lived through it? It is so hard not to demand feed and cuddle him when he is not feeling well, but I would really hate to develop bad habits after we worked so hard to break them already. Do we think he's simply having nightmares from all the Vampire Diaries I'm making everyone watch?

Despite these difficulties, Everett is still a happy and pleasant boy (after he's soiled 4 diapers and 4 outfits each morning). He is all over the place, and getting into everything. He loves opening and closing doors, singing songs, and his favorite toy is the remote control. He is a typical boy in that he makes a beeline for any toy truck or car in sight. He is also pretty crazy about books. Every page turn is a game of peekaboo!  When he's feeling well, he has mastered the high five, can stand a few moments on his own, and attempts to repeat words you say to him -

"Everett, can you say Willow?"

When we were at Jeff's parents' house, Everett was chilling in his Pack N Play one morning while we were sleeping in, and he stated very clearly, "Out!"

It is so much fun watching him grow and develop, but it is also heartbreaking to see him in pain.

It's almost impossible to get a clear photo of this busy body.

Mariachi band!!!

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