Friday, October 4, 2013

Ebble's Favorite Things: September Edition

Sorry this is a little late. We have been on vacation, then landed ourselves a sick baby. 

1. Joie Drawstring Crepe Pants. LOVE these pants. If you could find them for me in a cheaper style, that would be great. Thanks!
2. We're doing it, and still going strong! Yes, we are still preparing Everett's baby food. Anyone who says it's too much work to make your own baby food should look at the ingredient list on store-bought baby food. The second thing listed is often "sugar." These glass storage containers are perfect for the hippie mom making her own foods. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, AND they are chemical free. Winning!
3. This is Jeff's contribution for the month. Jack Black Beard Lube is a great alternative to men's shave cream. Wives and gays, this could make a good stocking stuffer for your loved ones.
4. Guess what ya'll. I got a facial the other day. It was glorious, and I was thoroughly extracted. I have been using MooGoo's SPF 15 moisturizer, and the esthetician confirmed that it has all the right ingredients to NOT clog my pores. Love these products! So naturally, I had to share (again).
5. Baby carriers of any brand are necessary. We have had a sick baby for the last couple weeks, and all he wants is to be held. However, it's hard to keep your sanity with a baby in your arms all day. This is where baby carriers come in handy. Many of Everett's recent naps have been in a wrap/carrier. We alternate between the Moby Wrap, Baby Bjorn, and Ergo. Everett prefers to be forward facing, so the Bjorn and Moby are best for everyday use. When Baby doesn't mind being held toward you, the Ergo is a great choice, and is easier on the back than the other two options we have tried. In my pregnancy posts, I mentioned that my pelvis was bothering me. This is because I was suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction. I am still recovering from this, and the Ergo tends to exacerbate my discomfort more than the other wraps, mostly because it places Baby's weight in the hip area (which is usually ideal). That being said, for the average human, the Ergo is probably best (once you can get the back strap figured out), and this is the one I use most frequently when Everett needs to take those upright naps. Jeff prefers the Bjorn.

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