Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Living Room Plans

I'm all about Plan B. If we can't sell our house, I've got a plethora of ideas for fixing up our current place. My first project (while we have a contractor building a master suite in the basement) will be to paint our living room. I already purchased the paints to use either on this house or a new one.

So here it is: Plan B c/o Photoshop.



At first I was worried that the greenish/gray would clash with the yellow in the dining room. However, after driving on the Palouse on a sunny fall day, I witnessed this color combination in nature to be fresh and airy. Photoshop doesn't mind either. 

My mom is sad to see the orange accent wall go. The orange matches the mat of our Georges Seurat painting, but I think the gray really makes the picture pop. What are your thoughts?

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