Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Snapshots

Amidst the chaos in our lives, Jeff and I have been enjoying our time together as a family. Life is much less hectic now that he is no longer working at Nordstrom, and it has been wonderful getting to spend time with my best friend. Here are a few snapshots from our fall adventures.

I could go to Greenbluff every weekend and never tire of it.

Walter's Fruit Ranch is one of our favorite Greenbluff stops.

Everett loves his Grandma.

I think the feeling is mutual.

Jeff was searching for the perfect pumpkin.

Found it! Double pump.

We also found this one.

Out for one of our weekly family walks to Manito Park

The church by our house.

This guy is feeling much better, but now Mom is sick.

Our autumnal decor. Pumpkins from my garden.

More pumpkins from the garden.

I found this little gem in the $1 bin at Joann's.

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