Monday, August 13, 2012

On Nesting

There is no doubt about it: pregnancy can make you crazy. I am likely driving my family and coworkers crazy too. As if life this summer hasn't been hectic enough, my downtime (when relevant) is being completely monopolized by the nesting instincts that occur when new life will soon be joining a family.

When I look around my newly cleaned and sanitized home, all I can see is the dust bunny that managed to creep out from underneath the couch. The cat was just sitting on the kitchen table, so I have to sanitize it with warm water and vinegar. There is a toothpaste stain in the sink that needs to be wiped. Jeff put the throw pillows on the ground when he was watching TV, so they need to be fluffed and put back on the couch...and don't these pillow cases look like they need to be washed again? I really should de-shed the dog because I need to vacuum again already, and maybe I should just give her another bath while I'm at it. Now that the laundry is all done I need to sanitize the laundry baskets. While those are drying I can make earrings for my girlfriends. Wouldn't it be fun to sew a skirt? I forgot to dust before I vacuumed! I really should pull those five weeds in the front yard...

The problem with "needing" to complete all these tasks is that I physically can't. I have said before that 3 chores a day is my limit - on some days even one chore has the potential to throw out my back for the next few days - but my mind will not let these tasks go unfinished! I want everything to be perfect all the time, and my brain refuses to dismiss the dirty pillow cases.

Luckily we have many people in our lives who love us. The other day when I was lamenting my nesting blues to Mom, she looked at me like I was crazy and followed me home to help around the house (even though she already committed to doing a million other things that day). In my current condition, a task like changing the sheets would put me out of commission for hours, but she was there to help out and even carted the dirty laundry downstairs AND did the wash. There were towels and sheets that had not been folded since I washed them 2 weeks prior, and she helped with those as well. We divided my clothes into two categories: those that no longer fit, and those that will do for now. She even folded and put away my clean underwear. These were all simple tasks that I could normally do in my sleep, but even with all that help I could barely walk for the next 24 hours. She was only there for about an hour, but the house was completely transformed after she left. Moms really are super heroes.

Also, Mom brought my niece Allie with her (since she was also babysitting that day). To keep the little one entertained we put Babe on...I was a blubbering mess.

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