Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 24 - "When Your Due Date?"

We all made it to Katie's wedding week, and no one died! Someone did end up in the hospital, but that was only semi-related to the wedding. Getting through the day was an exciting feat for me because I still somehow fit into my size extra small bridesmaid dress. I was practically busting the seams (you could barely see the patent leather belt tucked between my belly and my chest), but I walked down the aisle with a step full of pride, hearing the sound of whispers: "...Pregnant." "Pregnant?" "...Pregnant!" "Pregnant..."

The preparations were crazy, but everyone's hard work paid off because the day of the wedding was fantastic. The highlights: I got to spend more time with Katie's lovely friends, we hung out with Jeff's friend Trent from the good ole days, AND I got to eat pizza at the reception. Hopefully the photographer caught some of my pregnant moves on the dance floor, because they were pretty swell in my opinion. By the end of the night, I was mostly just swaying on the dance floor and limping to the water station (to the beat of the music mind you) every 5 minutes or so. 

People at the wedding were still claiming I didn't look pregnant, BUT the little lady at the nail salon could certainly tell. Five minutes into my pedicure she asked, "When your due date?" It took me a few moments to process what she was asking. Then it dawned on me: she could tell I was pregnant! I contemplated how beautiful the awkwardness would be if I told her I wasn't with child. The next 20 minutes of her rubbing my feet would have been glorious. However, I got so excited she could discern my belly was not from beer consumption that I responded with pride, "November 22nd!"

By the end of the wedding weekend I could barely walk and my back was giving out every time I bent over, but my nails looked incredible - thanks Yen.

Hopefully someday I'll have wedding photos to share, but for now...the 24 week bump:

Turns out this was a terrible day for us to attempt a bump picture. 

How do I feel?
Feeling pretty great despite that fact my back is killing me, I waddle when I walk because Little Boy is resting on my bladder, and I can barely get into and out of bed at night.

Weight gain?
18 lbs

Food cravings?
Love me some pizza. I've been wanting French toast for a while, maybe I'll need to give in soon.

Food aversions?
Not really. I do need to find out what's causing this heartburn though.

Sleep is good. My dreams have calmed quite a bit. I mostly attribute this to the fact that I'm no longer reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Definitely punching me in the bladder, and the kicks starting to move higher. Also, I'm no longer seeing patterns in his waking/sleeping hours - he seems to be moving most of the time.


What have I learned?
One cannot dance as one used to while pregnant. Also, it's still fun to go wine tasting when pregnant. Even though you cannot drink, you can still partake in the merriment.

Katie downing a glass of wine the day before her wedding. I dared her to.

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  1. Just wait till you get asked "when is your due date?" and you have to say 6 months ago.....


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