Monday, August 20, 2012

Registering - Week 25

Since Baby will be here any time between now and December (hopefully no later than December 1st), it's time to start preparing our home for his arrival. And so we register. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing regarding most parenting topics, I enlisted my sister Laura to help me pick out the baby essentials for our registry. Jeff stayed home and read his fantasy book.

Laura is a mother of three, and has a lot of good advice on what products are needed - as well as which are absolutely unnecessary - while raising a child. I have also been given fantastic advice by friends who have recently given birth. So with my arsenal of second-hand information, we made our way to Babies"R"Us.

When preparing for a child, one's brain can be taken over in the quest to research safe, sensible, and thrifty baby products. For expectant mothers, fathers, and grandparents, Baby Bargains is a fantastic read.  This book was helpful for choosing the big ticket items like car seats and strollers, and can be found at the public library. It gives reviews on most brands you will find at baby stores, then rates them as "Good," "Better," or "Best." I was able to add all these major products to the registry before we hit the store.

I am so thankful my sister was able to join me in the actual registration process. If you have never been to BRU, I feel like you need a warning. There are dozens of options for most of the products in the store, yet there are no apparent differences between said products, except possibly the price tag. So do you get the more expensive one because it's higher quality, or is it maybe just a waste of money? Do I get the infant bathtub with jets and bubbles, or the one you put in the sink? OR do you skip the bathtub all together? I have heard nightmare stories about first-time parents having panic attacks at Babies"R"Us by the overwhelming wall of pacifiers and bottles displayed at the entrance to the store. Lucky for me, through trial and error Laura knew which products worked best for her kids and which were a waste of money. I had a great time and could focus on how excited I was to have a baby, rather than how stressed out I was by the thousands of products. I hope Laura had half as much fun as I did!

However, there was one thing my sister and I did not exactly agree on when registering: diaper bags. While she suggested I get something cheap and sturdy, I am more interested in a bag that will make a statement while serving its purpose.

A poll: How much money is too much to spend on a diaper bag? Please comment or message me!

How do I feel?
I can tell I'm nearing my third trimester because I am uncomfortable pretty much ALL the time. I consistently wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the restroom, but cannot physically get up to go; sometimes I'm so uncomfortable, but just fall back asleep because it is easier than moving. Heartburn can strike at the strangest times, and every time I stand up I feel the weight of Dear-Child resting on my bladder. I am already waddling when I walk, and at all times either my lower back is sore, or my hips are locked in place. My coworker put it perfectly when she said, "You're uncomfortable because none of your internal organs are where they should be." And that's exactly how I feel. 

Weight gain?
I haven't been weighed in a couple weeks, but I'm guessing 19-20 pounds.

Food cravings?
Anything that can be classified as dessert - especially ice cream.

Food aversions?
I think I found the heartburn culprit: peanut butter. I was consistently getting heartburn after lunch (PB&J), and the one day I brought a veggie sandwich was the day the heartburn didn't act up. I have also discovered that cumin is no good. I made a vegetarian chili with cumin spices and it DESTROYED my esophagus. 

I'm sleeping well, but become incredibly uncomfortable in the middle of the night. When I fall asleep, I must be mindful of the position because I won't be able to move for a good 8 hours. I wake up with a back ache and a waddle pretty much every morning.

The baby's movements are as inconsistent as the GU basketball team. Before they had a pattern, and I could tell exactly when he would wake up and start moving. Now I feel movement every time I take a moment to focus on my belly, and these movements are getting higher as he grows in my belly.


What have I learned?
Drinking a TON of water in the summer helps with swelling. It also makes me feel like my trips to the restroom are worth the walk/waddle. Since I constantly need to pee, having something come out of my bladder is helpful and reassuring. More on swelling: my yoga instructor taught me some great stretches for when I can feel my hands and feet swelling. I can't tell you how much of a lifesaver these stretches have been. There were a few days when I couldn't get my shoes on, and now I have a go-to stretch for when I can feel the tingling sensation of swelling begin.

Week 25! I'm holding my back because it hurts...not because I'm being dramatic.


  1. Honestly, I hardly ever use my diaper bag. I keep it in the car for emergencies, or if I have to drop Joel off somewhere for a bit, but that's it. I remember seeing you post something about a "diaper clutch" and I thought that was a really great idea. One good point my sister-in-law made was that you don't need one all that badly because usually wherever you go (say dropping him off at day care, or your parents, etc) they will already have a stock of diapers, wipes, and extra clothes.I do have a study one that I keep in the car, but like I said, it is hardly ever used.

    1. Good to know! So basically you're saying I shouldn't buy that $300 diaper bag...

  2. I go with Laura on this one--the sturdier the better. If that means money, so be it. Make sure it isn't something so beautiful that you can't stand the thought of a little man puking on it and in it though. Not to mention the sippy cups and snacks that will spill in it as he gets older. (FYI, there really isn't such a thing as a leak-proof sippy cup.) I read the previous comment and can see a diaper "clutch" working nicely if you are only going to the said places. I couldn't function like that though. Maybe my boys are just high maintenance? :P

    1. Hey Mary, thanks for the advice! The search continues. I did have a friend mention she's had success with Playtex sippy cups. She says, "They are truly the only cups that don't leak." I can't verify this yet, so hopefully I don't lead anyone astray...

  3. I am not a mother, nor do I intend to be one soon, which means my opinion is VERY important: Go with fashion. Everything else is second! (Actually my aunt just got a big purse that she loved and happened to fit diapers, wipes, formula, etc. I think it was even a Gucci bag she found at the Reclothery. Score! And it was black leather so puke just wiped right off!)

    1. Haha! Thanks Noree! I like the way you think. My favorite bag is the Marc Jacobs bag, but it is $150.00 more than their regular nylon bags. I'm thinking because it comes with a $150.00 changing pad? Let me know if you find anything fabulous on consignment, and I'll keep you posted.


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