Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 28 - The Third Trimester!

Helllllooooo third trimester! It feels pretty weird to think you are already here. Although I'm not looking forward to the continuation of your aches and pains, I am glad you give me another 3 months or so to get ready for our little bundle of joy.

I have purchased about 10 baby products so far, most of which are strictly to make him look cute - did I really need to buy these? Maybe I should have invested this money in something more a car seat. Oh well! At least his feet will look good for a few months.

Anyway, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my pregnancy glow these last few weeks. "Why thank you for noticing!" In reality, I felt like a Sea Hag every time I looked in the mirror, so I invested in some makeup, a haircut, and maternity clothes to make me feel more comfortable in my new body. It's not a's me spending money.

Looking for that pregnancy glow? Look no further! Quick disclaimer: I am not a professional by any means, but really think I've found a winning combination in these products. You can substitute cheaper products, but I would definitely avoid skimping on as many as avoid looking like you're making the walk of shame just 2 hours after applying makeup.

  1. MAC Paint Pot - I have learned to never go a day without this stuff. I put it all over my eyes before I apply anything else to get rid of the pregnancy raccoon eyes. It serves as a base for makeup, and will ensure that eyeshadow and liner stay in place all day. I've had pretty sweaty eyelids during pregnancy, and this stuff helps keep makeup in place.
  2. MAC Eye Shadow - I like MAC products because they are high in quality, but also pocketbook friendly. There are so many colors, one is bound to find the perfect shade for her (or his) skin tone. Dazzlelight, Retrospeck, and Ricepaper all work great for me.
  3. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - This stuff is awesome! It stays on even after a day in the water, does not crease when pregnancy sweat strikes, and although the container is small it lasts forever. I wear mine in Black Mauve Shimmer, as it goes well with brown eyes, is subtle, and gives the line a fun shine.
  4. Foundation (liquid, powder, whatever), blush, and black mascara - These are all no-brainers. I like using Clinique for my liquid foundation and MAC Mineralize powder, as they do not cause my sensitive skin to break out. With the mascara, I definitely recommend to preggers that they invest in a good waterproof mascara (for obvious reasons). I use Bobbi Brown, and believe you me that stuff stays...and by that I mean sometimes I'm still wearing it after I've washed my face twice.
  5. *MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - This stuff has basically changed my life, and is essential for that fake pregnancy glow. I use the Soft and Gentle palette to highlight the top of my cheekbones and under the eye. You can also use it as a brow highlight. 
  6. Bobbi Brown lip gloss - Any color will do. I like to top off my look with a little shine and a subtle pop of color. I believe my conversation with the gal at the makeup counter went something like this: Me, "I want to be pregnant and fabulous." Her, "You'll need this one then."
How do I feel?
What pregnancy symptoms am I NOT experiencing? I am moving slowly these days because it takes a while for my hips and lower back to warm up. Once I feel good enough to walk at a normal pace, I either have to visit the restroom, or I have to sit down to combat the swelling in my feet. So this pretty much means I have a waddle. I'm more irritable than usual, and am a little shell shocked that time is starting to pass so quickly (see previous blog posts). This has caused a few outbursts and panic attacks, but every day I become more confident. I have congestion, and most recently I have developed an annoying rash on my stomach. The list goes on. In conclusion, I feel fantastic.

Weight gain?

Food cravings?
All things ice cream. I eat it most days. Also, I had a pretty strong chocolate milk craving the other day, which I took care of promptly.

Food aversions?
Spicy foods still cause problems, but it is never anything I can't handle. I will never give up my Thai food!

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will need to use the restroom all night, but I won't be able to get out of bed. So far there have been no accidents...

This week I took a hit to the spine, woke up to a kick in the bladder, and since yesterday have been getting a foot in the ribs pretty regularly. Nowadays his movement has ceased to be a little flutter in my stomach and has turned into a full-on earthquake. When he moves, my whole body moves.

Hoping it's still a boy because we definitely registered for a ton of blue stuff.

What have I learned?
Prenatal yoga is da bomb. I am always surprised at how well I can move in class, especially when you contrast a perfect down dog pose with my considerable waddle. Fact is, if you get a good instructor, he/she should be able to cater the moves around your growing belly and creaking joints. I cannot express how valuable this has been to me over the last few months. With all the changes a woman experiences in pregnancy, it's good to know she can maintain some of the activities in which she once participated. Yay confidence!
Another thing I've learned is that with all the changes occurring, it is important not to panic. I finally felt normal after I poured myself a glass of wine and forced myself to relax. Note to self: get a massage or draw yourself a hot bath. Whatever you do, do NOT repeat my past mistakes.

 28 weeks!

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